Design/build/scale your programs and projects to realize their highest and best purpose

INTEGRATED SYSTEMS, PROCESSES, COMMUNICATIONS — Business systems and staff optimization, communication, talent acquisition, training & onboarding, psychological and vocational assessment. We specialize in integrating all appropriate tools, including social media and traditional methods, for the most productive use of stakeholders’ time, talent and money.

RESEARCH & STRATEGIC PLANNING – Rigorous, statistical  survey design and execution as well as informal, anecdotal polling. Meta-practical guidance: We dig deeper than standard census reports, background checks and public corporate records. From population projections to confidential reports about your vendors, brokers and competition, we research the most detailed recommendations possible. Don’t take a chance with an uninformed decision about the advisors who sell you their services.

ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT — Outsourced staff/office functions, interim-to-permanant Executive Director placement management. We handle communications, planning, events, transitions and day-to-day operations for professional and trade associations, nonprofits and foundations.

LEAD GENERATION — Big Data and Microdata: We broker the highest-quality contact lists from the largest aggregators at the best price, as well as assemble lists as small as 100 records reflecting pinpoint-accurate local demographics. We also produce and manage the highest-quality editing, writing, distribution/circulation, advertising, PR and promotional-materials distribution for your sales campaign, from Real Estate to corporate clients.

EVENTS — We work with top meeting and convention planners to set up, manage and staff large, medium and small gatherings. Our base is Orlando, one of the most popular convention destinations in the U.S.; We work throughout North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

PUBLISHING — This is how we started, in back of Brady’s Restaurant, Chapel Hill NC, in 1984. We still publish periodicals, books, DVDs, e-books; audiobooks; city, corporate and church histories; Floridiana and regional histories; instructional texts, training materials, tech manuals, employee handbooks, business and finance titles. Our team handles website creation, content management and technical support.  Web design/graphic design/artwork is always fresh, yet field tested.