Monthly Archives: April 2019

CRCA Update 2018

By John Hannigan, CRCA representative on MTAC It was unusually warm in Washington DC for the February MTAC meeting. Temperatures were in the 50s and the light drizzle that frequently fell on Wednesday was a welcome change to the snow that typically covers the ground. The meeting was opened by the Postmaster General introducing new […]

CRCA Update: USPS Ponders paper-only Marketing Mail

October 10, 2018 By Phil Claiborne, Circulation Director, Elks Magazine The United States Postal Service is “contemplating” ridding Marketing Mail of merchandise or goods, only paper-based printed matter would be allowed.  First, let me say I dislike the name Marketing Mail, for its commercial connotation, I prefer Standard Mail. Second, what does this mean for […]

CRPA Update: Alliance challenges four USPS ‘myths’

March 21, 2019 From fellow MTAC member Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers: Recently, we listened to a podcast of one of our favorite NPR shows, “Hidden Brain.”  It is called, “How Science Spreads: Smallpox, Stomach Ulcers, And ‘The Vegetable Lamb Of Tartary’.”  What has this to do with nonprofit mailers and the U.S. Postal Service, you […]